6 Things To Do Within a 6 Minute Walk of the Panoramic

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One of the things our visitors love most about staying at the Panoramic is its close proximity to the boardwalk/beach without having to cross any major roads. For families, it’s always ideal to be able to walk to all the fun stuff.

  1. Fudge. Trust us… you have to make your way to the Fudge Kitchen. With dozens of flavors of fresh fudge PLUS rows and rows of rainbow candy, this is the sweet tooth’s mecca. You won’t be able to walk out empty handed!
  2. Have your fortune told by Zoltar at Ed’s Funcade on the boardwalk… pretend you’re Tom Hanks in Big! (Is this dating us?)
  3. Win a free ice cream and game when you get a whole in one on the 18th hole at Hassles Mini Golf, just down the road.
  4. Get yourself a Wildwoods souvenir at one of the many beach shops on the boardwalk. Everyone needs a little piece of the Wildwoods to take home with them until your next visit!
  5. Take some killer photography. The beach is beautiful all day, but especially sunset until dusk, when the natural light darkens while the piers begin to light up and come to life.  A photographer’s paradise!
  6. Re-live your childhood and get a little sandy! Be sure to bring some beach toys, and help your kids build an epic  sand castle on the beach this summer.

What’s YOUR favorite thing to do within 6 minutes of the Panoramic?