Another Perfect Day in the Wildwoods

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We have broken down the perfect Saturday at the Wildwoods hour by hour for you! Can you complete the challenge on your next visit?

9 AM Begin your day the right way… with some incredible fresh donuts and a coffee from the Fractured Prune. They open at 8… be sure you get there before the line is out the door! (It’s about a 2 minute walk from our doors).

10 AM Peruse the weekly Farmers Market (Saturdays from 8-12:30)

11AM + 12PM Beach time! The earlier you get there, the less you’ll have to deal with the early afternoon heat (usually the hottest time of day). Enjoy the surf, sand, and beautiful day by the sea, just a few minutes’ walk from the Panoramic. Let’s be real, you need a couple hours of beach time!

1 PM Try out a new restaurant in the area, Square Peg Round Hole, for lunch. We did, and we loved it! Affordable, tasty, and lovely people–what more could we ask for?   

2 PM Beat the midday heat – Go take a tour of the historic Hereford Lighthouse while basking in the glory of the AC.

3 PM Who is ready for some splash action?? Hit the Splash Zone or Ocean Oasis Water Park for a bit, just until your fingers get pruny!

4 PM Chances are, if you’re visiting on a Saturday, there is a festival happening in North or Downtown Wildwood! Many of them are FREE and all are family friendly, meaning you don’t wanna miss them!

5 PM Need a break? Siestas aren’t just for Spain, you guys. Take a little rest back at the Panoramic!

6 PM Seafood dinner with a view is always the best choice. Try out Urie’s Waterfront Restaurant for a fantastic sunset and fresh seafood.

7 PM Get a good seat for the Wildwood Crest Summer Music Series starting at 7:30 on Saturday nights.

8 PM Wonder down the boardwalk and see how many prizes you can win from the countless pier games.

9 PM 4th meal, anyone? Take your pick – will it be pizza, ice cream, root beer float, or fried oreos? The boardwalk has it all!

*Phew*, what a day! You must be exhausted! We hope you’ll enjoy some (or all) of these things and take photos to share with us on our Facebook page!