This Fourth of July – What a Weekend!

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Wow, we had such a blast this past weekend with all of our guests celebrating the Fourth of July! And it isn’t even over yet… (is anyone going to see Tim McGraw tonight? What about the Spectacular Fireworks Show?!)

Since the Panoramic is open seasonally, Independence day is one of the only times we get to go ALL OUT in celebration (but that’s not why it’s our favorite holiday). The numerous events going on throughout the Wildwoods this past weekend, and the smiles on everyone’s faces as they walk down the boardwalk, pizza and ice cream in hand, are enough to remind us that we are so lucky to be in such a special town, in such an amazing country.

This Independence day, we are grateful for those throughout history who have given their time and their lives to ensure our country’s freedom. We are grateful for this wonderful, patriotic, celebratory weekend decked out with red, white and blue. We are grateful for YOU, our guests who come and share this special little piece of American-beach-heaven with us throughout the summer!

Were you in the Wildwoods for Independence Day weekend? What was YOUR favorite part?