Getting to Know Your Hosts

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Chris and Sue began running the Panoramic Motel & Apartments in 1986, thirty years ago! Learn a little more about your hosts and their passion for the Panoramic and the Wildwoods.

How long have you both lived in the area?

Chris grew up in the motel business and is from North Wildwood. We moved here in 1986 from Ohio, which is where I grew up.

What are the best memories you have at the Panoramic?

The best memories are having the same people come to us year after year!  My favorite is when our daughters Christina and Ashley were young and they became friends with a girl whose family came to the motel every year – and still does to this day. They would go in the pool during the day and out to play miniature golf and then to the boardwalk at night. They are all adults now and still friends!

What is one thing you recommend everyone do in North Wildwood?

I have more than one thing I would recommend, but in North Wildwood it would be the Lighthouse. It’s really neat and the grounds are so lovely. Also, to go to the Cape May County Zoo – it’s free. And last, to enjoy the wineries and breweries that are popping up in Cape May county!

What is your favorite food in North Wildwood?

Our favorite food would have to be Sam’s Pizza (Any local will tell you it’s a classic, and it’s the BEST!)

What’s the best part about owning a motel?

The best part about owning the motel is that we get to see a lot of the same people from year to year. We have seen children grow up and have children of their own and now we have three generations coming to the motel.  Also, although we work hard all summer, we have the next six months off!

Chris and Sue know the area like the back of their hand and are always ready with answers to any questions visitors may have! North Wildwood and the Panoramic are home to them and they can’t wait to show you all of the great things this community has to offer. Questions? Give us a holler!