How to Spend a Rainy Day in the Wildwoods

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When you think of the Wildwoods, you’re probably thinking about the endless beach, the refreshing pool, and most of all – SUNSHINE. But we thought we’d make a little guide for you for those rainy days that come every so often so that your vacation never has to slow down… even in the rain!

Here are some great rainy day activities in the area:


Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a lighthouse keeper? Learn about what this job was like in the late 19th-early 20th century while touring this lighthouse that still runs today.


Rain is a perfect excuse to hole up in a cozy restaurant with a good meal and good conversation. Check out our previous blog about the nearby restaurants we recommend here.  

Vintage photos

You always pass by the Vintage photos booth on the boardwalk, but have you ever dressed up and gotten your photo taken? This is a really fun activity, rain or shine, because you have something to take home with you that captures the memory of your Wildwood vacation!


Seaport Aquarium

Visit the Aquarium conveniently right on the Wildwood Boardwalk for a fun & educational experience for the whole family! They have a great diverse animal population and are heralded for being a very well-run aquarium!


Boardwalk Mall

What activity is a vacation must-do for many? SHOPPING, of course! Try perusing the stores in the Boardwalk Mall, and you might just find yourself playing a game of pinball in their Retro Arcade!



Gateway 26 Casino

A rainy day is also great for Wildwood visitors to have some fun and try their luck at the Gateway 26 Casino right nearby!


Ed’s Funcade

This is the closest arcade to us on the Boardwalk, and it never disappoints when it comes to fun games & cool prizes.


George F. Boyer Historical Museum


A museum that holds all kinds of treasures and stories from the Wildwoods’ past… some that may surprise you, and some that will make you laugh out loud! If you vacation in the Wildwoods often, why not visit the museum with your family and grow a whole new appreciation for our amazing area?