The *Updated* Ultimate Wildwoods Bucket list

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Everyone needs a bucket list for life; you know, the list of goals and dreams you keep in your head of adventurous, fun, even seemingly impossible things to do. Luckily, all of the items on OUR bucket list are absolutely possible – and you’ll have a blast checking each one off! We’ve made some additions to this list for 2019… are you going to take no the challenge?

Wildwoods MUST TRY Foods:

  • Fudge Kitchen Fudge
  • Lime Rickey
  • Pizza at Sam’s
  • Donuts at the Fractured Prune
  • Rolled Ice Cream
  • Fresh seafood

The Most ADVENTUROUS Pier Rides/Parks:

  • Runaway Tram
  • KONG
  • Log Flume
  • Sea Serpent
  • Great Nor’Easter roller coaster
  • Great White roller coaster
  • AtmosFEAR
  • Giant Ferris Wheel
  • Tilt a Whirl
  • BOTH Water Parks

FUNNEST Boardwalk Games:

  • Flying Hatchets
  • Water guns
  • Balloon Darts
  • Ring Toss
  • Frog Bog

Activities to Get Your Blood Pumping

  • Beach Boogie Skydiving
  • Yoga on the Beach
  • 4 person Bike Rental

Essential Souvenirs to Bring Home:

  • Send a Wildwoods postcard to someone who wouldn’t expect it
  • Cute retro beach towel
  • Wildwood T-Shirt/Sweatshirt
  • Salt Water Taffy

How many have you checked off? When are you coming back to visit to complete the list?