Top 3 Restaurants Within a Ten Minute Walk PLUS Our Other Favorite Food Joints

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Top 3 Restaurants Within a Ten Minute Walk

Are you hungry? You will be after this post! Here are the eateries we recommend near us.

  1. Sam’s Pizza Palace has been serving awesome pizza by the pie and slice since 1957– a definite bucket list item for anyone who visits North Wildwood!
  2. Pompeo’s boasts wonderful service and a great breakfast menu!
  3. Adam’s Restaurant is a casual family restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one of the only establishments on the boardwalk serving alcohol at their Red Parrot Lounge. Try their refreshing cocktails!

Our other favorites, just a short drive away in North Wildwood are:

  1. Rick’s Seafood for delicious fresh seafood.
  2. Russo’s Market for awesome sandwiches and hoagies.
  3. The Establishment at 100 if you’re looking for a nice sitdown restaurant.
  4. Owen’s Pub is a great restaurant/bar.

What’s YOUR favorite restaurant in North Wildwood? Where’s your go-to snack stop on the boardwalk? We want to know!